"Anonymity is a sex offenders greatest weapon.  Know who your children are spending time with and know who your neighbors are."     
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Understanding the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry


1) All SORB provides is the descriptive and criminal record information on past convicted sex offenders, and whether they are a moderate or high risk to re-commit their crimes . You, as parents, caregivers and community members must empower yourselves by using this information to protect your children and other children in the community.

2) SORB does not track, supervise, arrest, re-commit to prison or in any way oversee these sex offenders. The police, courts, parole board and probation department have that obligation. Except in rare cases, sex offenders will eventually be released and except for certain cases, they may live where they please. 

3) Generally sex offenders prefer not to be known in the community and may move regularly. Remember that there are child molesters who have never been caught. Always keep checking at the SORB website or at the police department as new addresses and new offender information become available. Quite often children are molested by a trusted close friend, relative, acquaintance or supervisor of kids. Question your children, and always be alert for signs of "grooming," or excessive attention to your child, or abuse.

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