Our History

Since 2004 VOICES has been a strong VOICE for victims of crime, connecting them with resources, support and advocating for their rights every step of the way.  We continue with our mission to take a proactive approach to protecting our children and communities through awareness by offering child safety, internet safety events and resources, and remain committed to advocating for laws that not only keep our communities safe, but also respect the rights and dignity of victims of crime.
VOICES Of Involved Citizens Encouraging Safety Inc
We are a 501 C 3 non profit Corporation
All Donations are tax deductible
Tax ID 20-2648166

Our Services
Victim  Resources - Advocacy -  Support - Policy &  Legislation 
Child Protection  & Internet Safety Presentations
 Corporate & Community Trainings and Consultations

Helping citizens take an active role in their safety through
 Advocacy, Education and Awareness.

Massachusetts leading child protection and victim advocacy organization...

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Phone:  617-515-2079
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Meet Wena

In November of 2011 we enlisted the assistance of a  service trained dog, Wena to offer assistance and support to victims of crime within the criminal justice system and  community. 

Wena was trained and Donated by Canine Companions for Independence