Meet Wena
Name meaning-  Happiness

Birthday:   November 1, 2009
Favorite Toy:    Soccer ball

When Wena isn't working, she enjoys playing ball, hugs and meeting new friends.  

Wena was trained by Canine Companions for Independence in Medford NY. 

CCI Trainer  Stacey Szpyt

Puppy Raiser:      Beth Scheuerlein
Our Program

For years trained service dogs have assisted people with disabilities, helped comfort the sick, elderly and assisted with Veterans returning from war.  In 2003 a prosecutor from Washington State began using a service dog trained by Canine Companions of Independence to assist traumatized victims during the criminal justice process, calm a sometimes chaotic courthouse and to make a confusing environment a little friendlier. 

In 2011, our Founder, Laurie Myers attended Team Training at the Northeast Canine Companions for Independence facility in Medford NY.  During the intensive two week training,  she was teamed up with Wena, a two year old Lab/Golden mix selected by Canine Companions for this type of work and for our organization.  

If you are a District Attorney, Forensic Examiner, Prosecutor, Attorney, or Social Worker and you think your client may benefit from having the calming influence of having Wena present, please contact us.

A special thank you to the Massachusetts Trial Court
Canine Companions for Independence
Courthouse Dogs 

Crime victims in Massachusetts have a new best friend. 
A program of VOICES
Providing support and assistance within the criminal justice system and the community